Summer Stylin' #1 - YOUR WAY Convertible Pom Pom Cover Up


Hey guys and welcome to the first edition of my Summer Stylin’ series! Today I’m going to show you a few differet ways to wear the new “ YOUR WAY” Convertible Pom Pom Cover Up. 

 This piece was somewhat of a happy mistake. I was shooting for  a simple crew neck circle type caftan. I did not draft a pattern first. I just folded the fabric , marked and cut. Fast and dirty!  In doing so, I cut the neck hole WAY too big. When I tried it on first, I  thought it looked a bit….blobish. After playing around with it, I decided to add a tie to the top, and voila! A cover up reinvented. Check out the 6 ways I wore it below!


Look #1 ( Left) : “Original” Halter Dress Style. You could pair this with a simple strapless dress for a cute summer look beyond the beach!

Look #2 ( Center) : High Waist Skirt. Start with the original style and lower the neckline. Depending on your height, you can play around with how far you drop the center ( without the back dipping below your bum). 

Look #3 ( Right) One Shoulder Kimono Sleeve. This is one of my favorite ways to wear. Tie your strap strings into a bow and drape the piece over one shoulder and under the other arm. To get this dramatic high/low hemline, make sure your bow is on your high shoulder.


Look #4 ( Left) Off Shoulder. Simple. Make sure your bow is directly in the center front, or center back, so that your hands are still visible and usable.

Look #5 ( Center) Deep V. Drape Over your head, and pull the strap strings down  in front to make a deep V. Tie the strings around your waist. TO leave your arms free and bum covered, be sure not to tie around the back layer of fabric.

Look #6 (Right) One Shoulder Grecian. Cute and a little retro. Start with the original design, but pull the strings over one shoulder. Bring the strings around and tie under your bust.

I bet there are a TON of other ways to wear this coverup and I will play around  with it more for sure. IN the meanwhile, you can order your own version here.

See you next time!

XoXo - Danielle

Danalia by Danielle Pierce: Meet the Designer



Hello all !

 I’m Danielle! Just wanting to say hi as the designer and do-it-aller of Danalia by Danielle Pierce. I have been putting off writing my first blog post for a while now, years even. But I am finally here to show you who I am , what we do , and other random fun things you might want to know. 

A bit about me:
Born and raised in Memphis, TN, I come from a family of tailors ( among other things). My grandfather started Pierce on Main tailor shop in Memphis, almost 100 years ago. My father and uncles are master tailors- able to make or alter anything for anyone. And one day, a young seamstress came through the doors of that tailor shop- where my father was apprenticing under my grandfather. That seamstress was my mom. So, it’s fair to say that fashion is in my blood. 

A non-violent demonstration in 1968 on the side of my grandfather's tailor shop

A non-violent demonstration in 1968 on the side of my grandfather's tailor shop

Though I learned to sew at a young age, it was really performing arts that drew my interest. Inspired by dance and the girls’ singing groups of the time, I began designing costumes for the stage . Though I never made any of them, I still have a binder full of my very first clothing sketches- rough and real. I experimented with deconstruction and personalization, formal gowns and even repurposing lingerie into  ( mostly) wearble pieces. 

During my senior year of highschool, I happened upon a swimsuit on a mannequin in a popular store and I was IN LOVE. I has never seen anything so sleek , cool, and different. That is what piqued my interest in swimwear. And a cotton, tie dye, open back onepiece was the very first garment I ever sold. I sprinkled swimwear into every collection I designed from that day forward. In 2012, one year after receiving my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design and Merchandising from O'more College of Design, I decided to focus solely on swimwear. It seems that people liked my swimwear more than anything else. 

Behind the Scenes: 2016 RAW Fashion Showcase, Nashville, City Winery

Behind the Scenes: 2016 RAW Fashion Showcase, Nashville, City Winery

Fast forward to today, and I have a clothing line of primarily swimwear, peppered with cover ups, dress, tops and other resortwear. Though I’m almost exclusively an online business, Danalia has DP has been sold in a handful of boutiques across Tennessee and I have just opened a teeny boutique where women can shop in person. 

I’m designing and custom printing fabrics; designing tees, totes, and even towels for the beach; and enjoying expanding my brand to provide fashion forward looks to my amazing customers!

I’m excited for what the future holds and am glad to share it here on the blog with you guys.

Happy Saturday, and I’ll see you soon :)

XoXo- DP